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The Province of the Cat

The Province of the Cat

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A Journey to the Radical Heart of the Far North

Keypoints: This is a poet’s journey through Caithness, its landscape, people, culture and history. In ‘The Province of The Cat’ you can experience the unique blend of Norse and Gaelic cultures which has given Caithness its distinctive place in Scotland’s story.

Categories: Culture, history, Geography, Language, Politics, Literature

Readership: General

Contents: ‘The Province of The Cat’ is a lyrical, heartfelt portrait of the far north of Scotland. It is an epic story of human achievement, struggle, tragedy and survival told in language that is as clear as the Caithness air itself. In this book, with the poet as your guide, you can reach back far into the past, walk out across the wide open and flowing lands of ‘The Province of the Cat’ and into the future.

About the author: George Gunn is best known as a poet and playwright. He has written for BBC Scotland and Radio 4 and has had numerous articles, poems and essays published in magazines and newspapers. He was a founding director of the Grey Coast Theatre Company from 1992 – 2010 and tutors in drama at North Highland College.

Published: 2015

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