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Speak to us, Catriona

Speak to us, Catriona

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New tales and traditions of the lews

by Donald S. Murray

In this new collection of haunting and memorable poems, Donald S Murray takes his inspiration from 'Tales and Traditions of the Lews', the posthumously published work of the celebrated amateur folklorist and historian Dr Donald Macdonald of Gisla (Dolly Doctor). Murray 's poetry follows the same pattern of bringing together material from many different sources. The resulting poems celebrate the richness of the past and present of Lewis, focussing not only on its complexity but also on the diverse and dramatic lives of the island's inhabitants.

"Donald S. Murray's poetry, with its distinctive Hebridean accent and its universal themes, is a delight: characters, images and ideas rise off the page to meet you. This is a rich, humorous, profound and moving collection that really does travel 'from Lewis to Patagonia ' and deserves to be read as widely." James Robertson, author of The Testament of Gideon Mack

Published: 2007

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