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Origins and Early History

by Ella Liley

The fact that Portree might have a history or even at one time, not have existed at all had never occurred to me. Portree seemed as if it had always been there. It was the capital of Skye. It was where we went to school. But a series of Local Studies courses with Aberdeen University prompted some questions: Who decided to build a village here? When? Why? Who were the first villagers? And why was it called Portree anyway?
This book begins by determining how the village came by its name, dispelling the myth that it was changed to Portree after the visit of King James V in 1540. It then traces the development of Portree from the first suggestion of a few houses to a village with churches, schools, banks … and the jail.
Ella Liley comes from Claigan, near Dunvegan and has lived in Portree now for over twenty years.

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