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Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge

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Growing up in Steimreway - The Story of Chirsty Maggie Carmichael

by Bob Chambers

Of all the settlements in Pairc, Stiomrabhagh (Steimreway) holds a special place in the heart of many. It is partly the beautiful setting, a ‘green oasis’ amongst the dark moorland surrounding it, partly the personal and family links which many people have with this now deserted village, and partly that Steimreway has come to symbolise the dramatic and harsh history of the Pairc area and a culture which has disappeared forever.  But for all this interest, there have hitherto been no accounts of what it was actually like to live there. This is why Chirsty Maggie Carmichael’s story, put together by Bob Chambers with the help of Chirsty Maggie, her family, and many others, is so valuable. Through this unique account, we learn for the first time about the pattern of ordinary life in Steimreway – for example, Chirsty Maggie’s weekly walk to Lemreway school, the visits from the Minister, the waulking events, and the excitement of village weddings.

Published: 2011

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