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The Time of my Life

by Chris Mylne

Young and inexperienced, Chris Mylne arrived on the Shetland island of Foula in April 1954 to take up the posts of Schoolmaster and Lay Missionary. This remarkable book tells in his own words the dramatic story of Chris’s formative time as part of this remote and unique island community which took him to their heart. It is a valuable record of island social and economic life during an era which has now passed into history, the challenges posed by extreme weather and unreliable transport links, and the colour and vibrancy of a beautiful natural environment, full of birds, flowers and wildlife. It was indeed ‘the time of his life’. In later years, Chris became well-known as an outstanding wildlife photographer and film-maker. The book is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of a large number of Chris’s own contemporary photographs of Foula’s human and natural history.

Published: 2011

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