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Aimhreit an Fhearainn

Aimhreit an Fhearainn

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The Land Struggle in Skye and Lewis

The 1880s marked a dramatic stage in the demand by crofters throughout the Highlands and Islands for land reform following the injustices of the Clearances. Crofters found a stronger voice, given greater confidence by the Highland Land Law Reform Association and developments in Ireland, and put pressure on landlords and the Government for improved rights and more land.

This illustrated book examines some of the key episodes in the Land Struggle in Skye and Lewis in areas such as Glendale and Pairc. The contributors, led by Professor James Hunter, provide new insights into the background and consequences of important events such as the Glendale Rising and the Pairc Deer Raid, and the part played by figures such as John MacPherson, Donald Macrae, and the Rev. Donald MacCallum.

Published: 2011

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