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George Murray

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A Schoolteacher for St Kilda 1886-87

Keypoints: George Murray was the school teacher on St Kilda from 1886-87.  Throughout his time there he kept a diary and this has been quoted in many publications.  However, until now, we have not had any insight into the man himself.

Contents: Now the St Kilda Diary is reproduced in full from the original, just as it was written, and is a fascinating account of life in that unique and isolated archipelago.  Here we have the full story of a courageous and honourable man.  Included is an account taken from another diary he kept the year before going out to St Kilda, when he was a missionary and school teacher on North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.  Complemented with a vivid account of modern life on St Kilda by Maureen Kerr; this book is a fascinating glimpse into how little life in these inaccessible islands has changed over the centuries.

About the author: Maureen Kerr is a published author and landscape painter, working mostly in pen and ink and watercolours, preferring to work outdoors.  For fifteen years she lived and worked on St.Kilda, at the military base there, and in her free time has written about, painted and explored this unique archipelago.  She travels extensively giving presentations, talks and lectures and  as well as pursuing her writing and painting where she lives near Wigtown.

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