IBT Crowdfunder Appeal

Please help IBT publish more great books about island heritage to promote our valuable culture and sustain the fragile economy of island communities. As well as organising events we publish books which are of interest to people of many different backgrounds, including native-born islanders, incomers, academics, and visitors. We have a good track record but now need to build back after the disruption of Covid. 

To become sustainable, we need to increase our publications programme from 1 last year to around 8 books a year by 2027. There is great potential. But this will not be possible without a new Full-Time Equivalent staff post to supplement the voluntary efforts of our trustees. At present we have only 1 part-time staff member working just 5 hours a week. 

So, we are appealing to everyone who values the remarkable heritage of the islands to help us deliver our PEP project. 

We have already raised just over half the project cost from our own and other local sources (many thanks to Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust and Horshader Community Development). We have also applied to several other funding sources, but it is an uphill struggle in the present financial climate, particularly since our focus is not confined to only one island or community.

We still need an additional £29,000 to:

  • Fund a new Heritage Development Officer post for 2 years, starting this Spring.
  • Upgrade our equipment and software to increase our publications capacity.
  • Cover up-front costs of planned new books such as: an exciting new guide to the Callanish Stones; a new edition of a rare St Kilda memoir; a moving account of an Islay childhood; the untold story of Lewis men working for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and an illustrated story for children about one of the last Great Auks, based on an historical incident in 1821.

 Please give what you can towards this important project. Even small amounts will help. Donating over £250 will entitle you to Life Membership of IBT for yourself or someone you name.

 Even if we don’t reach the full target, your donation will help us to increase the ‘own resources’ element which IBT can put into the project – which will increase our chances of attracting funding from other sources. 

Please visit our Crowdfunder page for more information.

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