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St Kilda Myth & Reality

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Keypoints:This book is based on a discussion session entitled 'Writing about St Kilda: Myth and Reality' which took place at the inaugral Hebridean Book Festival in Stornoway in August 2006.

Categories: History, Culture, Heritage

Readership: General

Contents: Millions of people all over the world are fascinated by St Kilda and their impressions are inevitably based on previous writings, pictures, or the views of others.  What these images are, how they have arisen and the influences that are at work in building myths, are as interesting a subject as the reality of the history of St Kilda itself - and the two concepts are now difficult, perhaps impossible, to differentiate from each other.  This book aims to examine how far writing about St Kilda over the centuries has built up particular images about the island which may or may not reflect the reality of life there.

To achieve this, John Randall introduces the concept of myth-making and the main themes evident in myths about St Kilda; Bill Lawson looks at views of the human history of the island; and John Love considers impressions of its natural history.  In addition, there are some notes by Michael Robson.

Contributors: John Randall, Bill Lawson, John Love, Michael Robson

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