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Minutes AGM 2013


Present: John Randall (chairman); Malcolm Burr; Martin Smith; Iain Mackenzie; Marga Burgui-Artajo; Angela Clare; Margaret Mackay

  1. Apologies: Iain Gordon Macdonald; Catriona Macleod, Donald John MacDonald; Donnie Morrison; Alasdair MacEachen; John Love; Calum MacDonald; Sine Ghilleasbuig; David Green; David Powell; Angus McDowall; David Ashford; Jean Harthill; John Humphries; Neil Davis; Kinny Davis; Alan Gudge; Fred Silver; Cailean Maclean; Linda Gowans; Roddy MacLeod; Keith Low; Richard Deveria; Graham Attrill
  2. Minutes of last AGM (31st July 2012): Approved – proposed Malcolm Burr, seconded Martin Smith).
  3. Matters arising: None.
  4. Chairman’s report: John Randall presented his report for the year ending March 2013 (attached). He said the past year had been very successful in terms of delivering events and publications, but that financial challenges remained. He also intimated that he felt the time had come for Trustees to consider electing a new chairman. The report was accepted as a fair summary of the year’s activities.
  5. Treasurer’s report: Donald John MacDonald’s report (attached) was read out, and the draft accounts for the year considered. The loss recorded during 2012-13 was noted, alongside the comments that there were reasons to believe the shortfall between income and expenditure could be narrowed in the year ahead. The chairman reiterated his pleas for all Trustees and members to help in the fund-raising campaign by approaching individual or companies who might be interested in membership or sponsorship. The draft accounts were approved.
  6. Changes to membership rates: The changes notified in the May 2013 newsletter were approved.
  7. Election of Trustees: The following Trustees stood down in line with the constitution and were re-elected: John Randall, Sine Ghilleasbuig, George Macdonald, John Love, Malcolm Burr. The chairman said that David Green had indicated he wished to stand down as Trustee. No new nominations having been received, it was decided to keep one vacancy for a Trustee unfilled.
  8. Any other business: None.
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