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Where can I purchase one of your books?

Directly from our website, we always recommend direct sales as 100% of the profit is invested in the work of IBT.  However we do sell through various retailers across Scotland.


I am a member and I want to place my order online. Can I still use my dmembers discount?

Yes you can. During the checkout process, you will see a discount button simply enter your members discount code in the field provided and the discount will be applied.


Do I need to create an account to place an order online?

No.  But if you are a regular customer you will find it saves you time at checkout.


How long will it take to deliver to International addresses?

As the default mailing option is surface mail it can take from 8-12 weeks to receive your order.  If you wish to pay extra to have your package shipped by airmail please contact us direct.  Airmail will be calculated at cost based on weight and size of your package.

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