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Minutes AGM 2014


Present: Alasdair MacEachen (Chairman), Iain Gordon MacDonald, John Randall, Catriona MacLeod, Martin Smith, John Groom, Alayne Barton, Jean Harthill, Ann Harthill, Angela Clare, Peter White, Iain Mitchell, Mrs Mitchell

  1. Apologies: Bob Chambers, Donald Meek, Calum Macdonald, Malcolm Burr, Calum Mackay, John Love, Christine Gunn, DJ Macdonald, Calum Macleod (CIB)
  1. Minutes of last AGM (13 July 2013): Approved – proposed by John Randall; seconded by Martin Smith
  1. Matters arising: None
  1. Chairman’s report: Alasdair MacEachen presented his report for the year ending March 2014 (attached). He said the past year had been very successful in terms of delivering events and publications, but that financial challenges remained. The report was accepted as a fair summary of the year’s activities.
  1. Treasurer’s report: Donald John MacDonald’s report was unavailable for the AGM but is now attached. Alasdair MacEachen gave a summary of the abbreviated accounts supplied by the accountants.  The loss recorded during 2013-14 was noted as was the fact that expenditure has dropped.  The Chairman stated that although the accounts seemed healthier there was still much work to be done to increase income. The draft accounts were approved – proposed by Iain Gordon Macdonald; seconded by John Groom.
  1. Changes to membership rates: It was agreed to abolish the Gold and Family categories and adopt a single tier structure with an annual subscription of £25, with immediate effect. For this members will receive three newsletters and a publication annually, 10% discount across all our titles and reduced rates at events.  Life and corporate membership are unaffected.
  1. Appointment of Auditor: The current auditor (Calum Macleod of CIB Services) was reappointed – proposed by John Randall; seconded by Martin Smith.
  1. Election of Trustees: The following Trustees stood down in line with the constitution and were re-elected: Catriona Macleod, Calum Macneil, Donald William Stewart and Donald Meek. The chairman said that Iain Gordon Macdonald and Donald John Macdonald had indicated they wished to stand down as Trustees. Three new nominations were received and it was agreed to invite Iain Mitchell (Lewis), Mike Townsend (North Uist), Iain MacDonald (North Uist) and Jonathon Grant (Barra) to join the Board.
  1. Any Other Business: None
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