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St Kilda Church, Visitors and 'Natives'

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Keypoints: What were the key factors leading to population decline and eventual evacuationof St Kilda? How were the attitudes and beliefs of the St Kildans shaped and changed?

Categories: History, Culture, Religion

Readership: General

Content: In this remarkable and dispassionate study, based on hitherto usnused records, Michael Robson examines the role of the Church over the centuries, and the impact of other outside influences such as tourists and journalists.

The result is a book which is genuinely different, providing new insights which frequently challenge the conventional wisdom and myths about St Kilda.  Published to mark the 75th anniversary of the evacuation, it is essential reading for all those who, like so many in the past, have fallen under the spell of St Kilda and its now lost community.  The book contains many early pictures of the island, which have never previously been published.

Author: Michael Robson

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