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RONAY – ‘THE ROUGH ISLAND’ by David Newman

RONAY – ‘THE ROUGH ISLAND’ by David Newman

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This beautifully illustrated and very informative publication is an essential guide to the spectacular now uninhabited island of Ronay, off Grimsay in North Uist. David Newman, an archaeologist, outlines the history of the island and summarises the remains of structures visible on the ground during its various phases – pre-clearance settlement, use as a sheep farm and shooting estate, creation of new crofts, and eventual abandonment as a permanently populated island.

The booklet includes a discussion of the island’s placenames, the mystery as to whether it was the location of an early Christian church, the remains of Captain Allan MacDonald’s plans to build a shooting lodge and canalise a river at Bagh na Caiplich, and Ronay’s crofting and kelp history in the early 19th century. There are also references to the island’s iconic wildlife, including Red Deer, Otters, and White-tailed Sea Eagles.

Published: 2023

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